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Going away...

...to see my mother in Louisiana for two days. Then it's of to HARRY POTTER WORLD FUCK YEAH for another two days, and then off to visit my cousins in Jacksonville for the rest of the week. So I'll probably be away from the computer for the rest of the week.

But first...

Went to see DH with my older sister, and just got back. It was pretty awesome! :) Better than I thought it would be, and probably the best of the films, in my opinion. We're both super bummed that it's finally come to an end, but it was a hell of a fantastic ride while it lasted.

Oh, and public transportation hates me, but you've heard enough of me whine about buses and subways and shit already. Here, have some art:


I still have to finish coloring my other Hogwarts/KKBB drawing, but I wanted to draw a new one in honor of the last movie. Perry is so a Hufflepuff. Who says they're all a load of duffers? ;p And I'm not just saying that because every Sorting Hat related quiz I take dumps me in Hufflepuff, so sir/ma'am. Not at all.