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Evidently, summer doesn't belong to me...

Classes start up tomorrow (well, today), and I have to say, I am absolutely dreading the start of this term, more than I usually do.

I can't say that I completely wasted this whole summer - went to Louisiana, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jacksonville - but I didn't accomplish much of anything that I actually wanted/planned to accomplish.

Oh well. I guess there's always next year.

In other news, I have my desktop up and running again, which includes the scanner, so I reuploaded the drawings I posted during its downtime. I also have a few older things and a few drawings before I officially start the new fall semester!


Originally posted in a comment.


Done for tayberhecate's birthday. It was originally part of a bigger "5+1" sort of thing, like "5 presents Harry got Perry that kind of sucked, and 1 that was just right" (alternatively, "5 presents Harry got Perry that were actually for himself, and 1 that was all for Perry" or "5 presents that Perry secretly kind of liked, and 1 where he didn't have to"), but I got lazy/ran out of time.

And the new ones:


Bride!Harmony. Not much to say here.


Remember that old drawing with the Eevee? Yeah, I meant to draw more KKBB/Pokemon, but I never got around to it until now. I gave Perry a Magikarp because:

A) It's funny.
B) I can totally see Perry semi-grudgingly rescuing a poor defenseless Magikarp from harm, coaxing it back to health, and deciding to keep it despite his (and everyone's) claims of it being completely useless. Really, it's because he likes it.
3) It's funny.
D) It'll evolve into one of the best pokemon in the meta-game, and Perry will be all like, "Yeah, who's laughing now, motherfuckers?"
E) Did I mention it's funny? 'Cause I think so.